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Dwight Jones accepts head football coaching position at Russell County

The first time Dwight Jones took over the Russell County football program it was in the midst of a 27-game losing streak. Now the Warriors have lost 22 straight, and Jones is back.

Jones' hiring was approved by the Russell County School Board on Tuesday night.

Jones is leaving Harris County after just two years.

"God works in mysterious ways," Jones said. "That is where I started my career, and I think it is where I need to finish it."

Jones experienced immediate success as Harris County, leading the Tigers to a 9-3 record in 2014 and a region championship.

"It is immensely difficult to leave," Jones said. "My family will be able to stay here. If I had to make them move again, I wouldn't do it.

"But I feel like Russell County is a place where I am needed more."

Jones is replacing Vincent Wiggins, who went 0-20 in his two seasons. Jones said he met with Russell County superintendent Brenda Coley two weeks ago for the first time about the position.

"She has a great vision," Jones said. "If not, I wouldn't have talked with them again."

Russell County is a difficult place to win. The school has had just 16 winning seasons in 62 with a winning percentage of just 31 percent. The last winning season came in 1998.

"The kids down there are sick and tired of not getting any recognition or getting recognition only for not being very good," Jones said. "I think I am best taking a team that is not considered very good and turning them around. I think that is my niche."

In his first stop at Russell County, Jones went 3-7 in his first year then 7-5 in 1991.

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Russell County 1990-94 21-31

Hardaway 1995-2000 36-28

Auburn 2001 8-6

Northside 2004-05 12-9

McIntosh 2006-07 2-18

Jones County 2008-13 31-30

Harris County 2014-15 11-11

Totals 121-133