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Smiths Station gets KO’ed by Central early in Backyard Brawl

Smiths Station coach Adam Fossett’s flashed a pained expression when he got one final look at the scoreboard Friday night.

Fossett’s team lost 51-14 at home in the Backyard Brawl to Central in a rivalry that’s becoming far too one-sided for the first-year head coach’s liking.

“It’s tough to swallow,” Fossett said. “It’s a rivalry quote-unquote, but I think that made them 20-5 against us.”

Central put Smiths Station on its heels by taking the opening kickoff down to the 8-yard line where Jaxton Carson punched it on the Red Devils’ first play from scrimmage.

It was one miscue after another from there for a Smiths Station that looked overmatched even against Central’s second team offense and defense. Fossett wants to see better execution across the board at this point in the season especially from the team’s seniors.

“The whole night it was one person here or there, one guy missing an assignment as a coach that’s frustrating,” Fossett said. “Our staff spends time coaching this stuff up.”

The ugliest sequence for Smiths Station was allowing three touchdowns in a 21 second span early in the second quarter that turned a modest deficit into an insurmountable task.

Central defensive back DJ Rias started the flurry of touchdowns off by returning a punt 69-yards for a touchdown with 7:32 to go in the quarter.

Smiths Station fumbled at its own 4-yard line on its ensuing possession. Jamaar Spivey wasted no time scoring on the next play from 6-yards out with a total of seven seconds going off the clock.

Defensive back Nate Jones capped off the stretch with a 34-yard pick-six.

“It was like watching it in slow motion,” Fossett said. “We couldn’t stop it from happening.”

The biggest cheers for Smiths Station were for the team’s marching band at halftime and a late 72-yard interception return for a touchdown from DJ Moffett with 2:20 to go in the game with the game well out of hand.

Fossett hopes he isn’t the only bothered by the performance.

“I hope this lights a fire for our seniors,” Fossett said. “They still have five games left and can make some of this. I would like to see this get them going. Guys have worked hard, but I think it’s the sense of urgency we lack.”