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Jordan basketball coach not surprised to see former player Hill have career day for Morehead State

And he certainly had no trouble believing his eyes when another former player, Terrance Hill, notched a career-best 23 points and eight rebounds on Thursday as No. 13 Morehead State upset No. 4 Louisville in the first round of the tournament.

Those two had done remarkable things dozens of times for Jordan, which won the 2007 Class AAA state championship behind them.

"I could tell they were different from day one," Turner said. "Steve was a great inside-outside player, and Terrance was a great outside player who could jump out of the gym if he wanted to. He could do whatever he wanted to on the court."

"The thing about Terrance was he could take over a game at any time," Turner said. "He always wanted to be the go-to guy at the end of the game, and he did that many times for us. I figured he would be good (at Morehead State). He has such a good work ethic, and you know nobody's going to outwork him."

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