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GHSA delays controversial reclassification vote

The GHSA’s reclassification committee voted a day earlier in its meeting to present a plan that would change the current five-classification system to a four-classification that splits into eight classifications based on enrollment numbers for postseason play.

But when it was brought up for discussion on Monday during the meeting at the Macon Marriott City Center, a motion to delay voting on the reclassification plan until the next executive committee meeting was passed without dissension.

GHSA executive director Ralph Swearngin said the vote to table the proposal allows the reclassification committee, which agreed to present the 4-8 plan with a 7-5 vote, to become more confident with its own decision and gives voters more time to better understand the option.

“We probably need to come together with a plan that a bigger percentage of them feel good about,” Swearngin said. “I think, among the 50 members, there were some people who liked the 4-8, some who didn’t like the 4-8 and would rather have the six (classifications), and some people felt they didn’t know enough to vote wisely.”

Jay Russell, the LaGrange athletic director and a member of the reclassification committee, said the door was open to either revise the current plan or scrap it altogether and go another direction.

“I think it’s still all open for discussion, to be quite honest,” Russell said. “The 4-8 plan came out of the committee as the leader, and we’ll discuss it, and that could change.”

Other plans proposed included adding a sixth classification and adjusting the classification boundaries or simply adjusting the enrollment boundaries of the current system.

If the GHSA does not have a plan in place by the summer, the current classification system will remain intact for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, Swearngin said.

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