Valley Preps

High school football: Did my column miss your favorite fantasy matchup?

A read had apparently taken issue with my most recent column — "My dream high school football schedule" — and let me know about it.

"It's clear you don't have a clue about football around here," the caller said.

I tried to call back, but it was a business and not a home number, so I guess I will never know if my column was just the final straw in this reader deciding I was an idiot or if there were some non-existent matchups that I somehow missed. I think I did a pretty good job hitting on some competitive games or at least interesting ones (Glenwood vs. anyone in the AHSAA/GHSA; Columbus-Hardaway; Carver-Harris County; and Shaw (2000) vs. Carver (2006).

So I'll open the floor to all of you. What fantasy matchup would you like to see? Did I miss one that would have been interesting or competitive? If it was you who left me the message, I'm genuinely curious what games that are not already on the schedule should I have included?

And if you're keeping score at home, I visited Northside and Russell County today and will have blogs, photos (from Russell County) and videos from both schools up this afternoon.

- Chris White (follow me on Twitter @le_chriswhite and at