Columbus Cottonmouths

Headed Home?

Don't be surprised if number 19 shows up on your Snakes roster soon. Have been hearing rumors of Levi Lind's decreased playing time with Rapid City of the CHL. The past two games Levi didn't play at all!! :(

Guys are playing hockey at this level because they love the game. Levi can't be happy riding the pine in Rapid City (which is where, exactly?) haha. Wouldn't he be happier taking regular shifts, spending time on the PP and PK, golfing in February and being part of a first-class organization under a coach he respects? Not to diss Rapid City, about which I know absolutely nothing, obviously.

But ask Sam Bowles about the CHL. Oh...I already have! Have had several conversations with Sam and have kept an eye on other players who have gone up there. The facts of life are different in the CHL or ECHL...

Sam spent time being a third- and fourth-line guy, being a healthy scratch and all the things the guys HATE. Just look at him in his suit watching while an injury heals. Misery in its purest form. Now picture Sam, Levi or any of the guys sitting because of numbers when they think, or were at one point told, they have the talent to be up there.

Come back home, Levi. Your number 19 sweater is waiting for you...

Stay tuned.