Columbus Cottonmouths


The ride from Biloxi to Augusta just got a whole lot shorter for the Cottonmouths with a 2-0 shutout of the Surge.

The Snakes have had trouble with MSS all season, especially in Biloxi. Thanks to Andrew Loewen's spectacular performance in net, they're now 1-1-1 in Mississippi.

So sorry to say, I only saw about half of Andrew and the Snakes' perfect performance since the video feed went out late in the second period. It froze up but came back briefly at the beginning of the third and then we lost it for good...UGH. Talk about frustrating as it sounded like Andrew made a number of great saves to preserve the victory and earn his first shutout of the season. Congrats, Andrew!!

The Snakes scored a pair of goals, one by Sam Bowles and other by John Sullivan. Sammy has scored a point in 4 of the 5 games since he returned from IR. It's vital that all three lines contribute when playoff time comes and Sam is a big offensive key.

This was John's first goal since Feb. 24. He's hit a bit of a rough patch with only two points in his last 7 games. But you can tell that the line of Sullivan-Jordan-Braid-Levi Lind is really starting to click. When those three get completely comfortable with each other, the goals will come in bunches.

Since I didn't SEE, but only HEARD, this goal, I have to take Mike Vee's word for the pretty pass Levi put on John's stick. I did see the perfect pass Pete MacDougall rifled to a streaking Sam for the first Snakes goal. Nice job, Pete!! For the rest of the night, I'm thinking that's the best way to beat Kiefer catch him completely off-guard. He did a great job in net too. Hard to believe he's a rookie.

A complete effort, from what I saw of the game. The D was its usual stellar self, at one point limiting the Surge to a single shot on goal in the first 14 minutes+ of the second period. They were hitting, swarming and knocking those guys all over the place. Great effort.

Two shutouts in the SPHL tonight. Knoxville blanked Pensacola by the same score of 2-0. So here's how the standings look:

Augusta 77 pts 3 games remaining

Columbus 69 4

Knoxville 69 4

MSS 59 3

Pensacola 58 4

Louisiana 53 2

MSRK 49 4

Huntsville 45 3

The long road trip continues tonight in Augusta, then next Thursday in Knoxville and Friday in Fayetteville. Finally, the guys come home on Saturday for the regular-season finale against Augusta.

What a wild last weekend this is shaping up to be! There are two central time games on the 24th, so it's possible that the Snakes will leave the ice and still not know who their first-round opponent is for an hour after their regular season ends!!

Fasten your seat belts.

Stay tuned.