Columbus Cottonmouths

Coaching Change

Know ya'all weren't expecting hockey news so soon and pretty sure you weren't expecting this:

Todd Gordon was let go as Pensacola's coach on Monday. No explanation and really strange timing. As many organizations do, the IceFlyers closed their offices this week to give everybody a breather after a long, tough season. They announced this change via facebook and twitter and then on their team website and via press release.

The Pensacola newspaper reported the story with a couple of quotes from Todd, but management and ownership have yet to offer their side of the story. Pretty unusual.

The word "why" may have entered your minds, as it did mine. All Todd did was lead this team to the finals where it fell to the Snakes, a team of destiny. Now I can finally use that phrase as the whole season was leading to the Cottonmouths raising the Cup. The Snakes were not to be denied, but that doesn't mean the Flyers' season wasn't successful.

Ya'all know I have little contact with other coaches. I knew Randy Murphy from his playing days, as well as Mike Craigen. I've met new-interim coach Glenn Detulleo of Huntsville. But, for the most part, I don't encounter visiting coaches. But Todd reached out to me several times and told me he was a regular reader of my blog and enjoyed what I wrote. I thought that was a really nice thing to do.

My final impression (final until I encounter him coaching another visiting team at the Snake Pit) was a subdued Todd after the Snakes won the championship game. He had to be craving a little privacy and down time. Instead, he opened his office to me and solved my internet problems. :)

Thanks so much, Todd. Best of luck with your new team. It will be lucky to have a class act and a gentleman.

Stay tuned.