Columbus Cottonmouths

Final Roster

       Less than 24 hours from now, the banner will be raised, rings distributed, old friends welcomed...and then a hockey game will be played!!

       So exciting that Will Barlow and Mitch Wall will be here to share this special moment and receive their rings in person. Greg Beller is heavily involved in his medical school studies. I'd be shocked if Greg made his way to Columbus this weekend. I've not heard one way or the other, but I don't expect Dave Cianfrini either. As faithful L-E readers already know, Pete MacDougall has crossed over to the dark side, to quote my friend Scott Brand, and I'm sure will be working somewhere in the SPHL tomorrow night.

       The final roster is set with rookie forward Jason Yuel being the odd man out on opening night. In addition to Ian Vigier and Andrew Loewen in net, the Snakes will have Bret Tyler, Tom Maldonado, Kevin Kessler, Tom Fitzpatrick, Kyle Johnson and Chris Bailer on defense. Forwards include Orrin Hergott, Derek Pallardy, Jordan Braid, John Sullivan, Sam Bowles, Brett Hammond, Levi Lind, Jonathan Redlick, and Alex MacLeod.

       Daniel Amesbury will be there to protect his teammates, but at which position? Haven't had the chance to ask Jerome about Daniel's situation, but today in practice both Daniel and Jason wore white jerseys. There were 6 d-men in black and 3 lines (same as the rest of the week) of 3 each for a total of 9 forwards.

       Hope to see you at the Snake Pit!! It's going to be a great night!

       Stay tuned.