Columbus Cottonmouths

First Road Trip

       The Snakes hit the road this weekend, and so do I!! This is the only game of the season I'll miss...Girls Weekend with my sisters trumps hockey. Hard to believe, I know, but we've been getting together twice a husbands, no kids...for about the last 15 years. We head to Atlanta and do our best to help its economy. No official stats yet, but the Mall of Georgia is expecting a banner weekend. :)

       The guys have a long trip for their first one of the season. A date with the Fayetteville FireAntz is up first, on Saturday. This crazy SPHL schedule won't give us another look at the team until November 6th. In the meantime, they head to Fayetteville, and then head to Biloxi to face the MSS a week from Friday.

        Finally we get a normal hockey weekend Nov. 16-17 followed by a single game on Nov. 20th. Three in a row at home...YAY. Right now, normal is looking pretty good. Friday night's opener was crazy, as I expected it would be. The pre-game ceremony delayed us only about 20 minutes, which could have been worse. Ya'all know how I hate delayed starts, long intermissions and anything and everything that keeps me from doing the best job I can. Well, now I have a new weapon: my trusty laptop.

        I'll be bringing my laptop to every game. Have joined the 21st century and now give live reports via Twitter during the games. But that technological novelty pales in comparison to the advantage the laptop gives me on nights like Friday. I typed the box score in between periods and actually did part of the story then too. We had early deadlines on Friday, so my editor asked me to write a story without quotes (which I HATE to do) and put the quotes in my blog. That worked out really well! (Don't tell my editor).

        I realized later I should have told Jerome of the change in plans. As soon as he spotted me at the jersey auction after the game, he made a beeline over and asked me" Where were you? I couldn't find you!" haha. Jerome knows how much I hate to write a story without quotes. Ya'all don't want to hear what I have to say. You want to hear what the players thought about a goal, a play, etc. Plus I guess it looked pretty weird for me not to get quotes on opening night...haha.

       It was nice to talk to as many people as I wanted and not be in a hurry. It was also great that I had a captive audience in the hospitality suites. They were all in one place...with no waiting!! I got to see some of the parents whom I've gotten to know over the past couple of years. Great to see Will Barlow and his wife Ria, but sure missed Will's folks, Karen and Eric. Got a big bear hug from a long-haired Mitch Wall. Both Will and Mitch were thrilled to return to the Pit for the ceremony.

      Really liked the championship jerseys. But, of course, I'm partial to red...and black. :)

      Enjoyed watching the replay of the game tonight at 6. Great job by the Snakes' Andy Luker, who put it together and conducted the interviews. Happy to see our old pal Whitney Mixon hawking Snakes merchandise. It's not the same for me to go into the office and not see Whitney, Lindsey and Erin.

       So, Snakes fans, it's with mixed feelings that I send the guys on their first road trip without me. Let me rephrase that...I haven't actually taken a trip WITH them, though I've been invited. :) But I'm always at home watching. For big games, I call Jerome and he hands his cell to whoever I want to talk to. Love technology.

       But this weekend, all of my attention will be focused on time with my sisters. I have six of them and one sis-in-law...and all 8 of us will be together this weekend. Can't wait!!

         Take care, everybody, and I'll see you Tuesday night at the Snake Pit!

         Stay tuned.