Columbus Cottonmouths

Heartwarming Story

      Thought ya'all might want a reason to smile the day after a nasty election season ended...

      Letter to the Editor, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer...

This summer I found myself, at the age of 48, in the hospital due to a stroke. Once home I fell several times, the last fall resulting in a severe concussion. My physical therapist told me to wear a hockey helmet (it protects the back of the neck). After three unsuccessful attempts to purchase a helmet online, I was reminded that Columbus has a hockey team and I should ask if they could recommend where I might buy a helmet.

I emailed the Cottonmouths’ head coach and general manager, Jerome Bechard, and explained my situation. Coach Bechard said the Cottonmouths might have a helmet for me, and he invited us to visit the team’s office. When we arrived we were warmly met by Coach Bechard. He pulled a new blue helmet off the shelf — not quite Auburn blue, but blue just the same. (I am an Auburn graduate and former assistant professor, and my wheelchair is blue!)

Coach Bechard offered the helmet to me, it fit perfectly, and he said I could do with it as I pleased. Of course, my first thought was a small Auburn sticker on the back.

Thank you, Coach Bechard, for your hospitality and genuine desire to help us. You are a blessing, and we are grateful for your generosity.

We are looking forward to attending a hockey game this season — it will be our first. Thank you, Coach Bechard, and the Columbus Cottonmouths!

       Thanks to Mr. Jim Ricks of Columbus for acknowledging what we already know. Coach Jerome Bechard truly cares about people and our community. We're so lucky to have him!!

        Stay tuned.