Columbus Cottonmouths

Orrin and Midgets

     To be perfectly clear, Orrin and midgets have absolutely nothing to do with one another....

     A couple of bits of news, Snakes fans. One I just love and the other has me pretty concerned. First of all, game time this Friday is 6 o'clock to accommodate midget wrestling after the game. Now I have zero interest in wrestling with any sized participants, but am tickled to death at the early start time. For me, it means NO deadline issues!!! YAY. Bring on the midgets every night...haha.

     Secondly, the Cottonmouths will be without the services of co-captain Orrin Hergott on Friday...and probably a while thereafter. :(

     Orrin was hurt Wednesday night in Biloxi. At the time, I thought Orrin hit the metal stanchion and that's what caused his injury. That's what our pal Mike Vee thought had happened. Mike noted that Orrin didn't return to the game. Not good news. I've seen Orrin leave a game, get stitched up, miss a couple of shifts and get right back in the game. 

     I texted Orrin on Friday and he said he just needed a few days rest. Again, not good news. For a player to admit he wasn't ready to get back immediately speaks volumes. I talked to Jerome today and he confirmed what I feared. Orrin has a concussion, a pretty significant one. Jerome thinks he hit his head on the ice. :(

     Jerome is very conservative when it comes to concussions and this is Orrin's second. He was hurt at the beginning of the 2008 playoffs right before the Snakes went to Knoxville. Jerome follows what he believes to be pretty standard protocol when it comes to determining when a player is ready to come back. 

     Orrin must be symptom-free for three days. No headaches, no nausea, no nothing. Then he gets on the bike. Then a little skating. Working his way up to contact. All of this is best-case. Last season when John Sullivan suffered a concussion, he had to start the cycle over several times. He'd be fine for three days, then get headaches after just getting on the bike. Concussions are tricky things and nothing to mess around with.

     I hate to break it to you, but it's possible that Orrin is headed to the 30-day IR. Right now, Jason Yuel has been signed to another three-gamer. Jason could be signed to a regular contract, other roster moves could be made or the team could play shorthanded. Too early to tell.

      Not good news, but kudos to Jerome for being cautious with Orrin's health.

      Now, bring on the midgets and the early start time!

      Stay tuned.