Columbus Cottonmouths

Terrible Weekend

     Well, Snakes fans, it was a pretty terrible weekend all the way around. Wins and losses are put into perspective when one of your players leaves the ice on a stretcher and in a neck brace.

      Scary moment for Derek Pallardy. As is the case in so many hockey injuries, it happened so fast. At first, Mike Vee thought it was a dirty hit. He found out later, and relayed this info to us, that Derek tried to avoid a hip check and hit the ice face first. Not surprisingly, his head bled profusely. He was knocked unconscious but, upon leaving the ice, gave the thumbs up signal. 

      Derek was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. It's possible he'll be kept over night, but not sure at this moment. Will provide updates as I hear them.

      UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Jerome (11 PM) and he said Derek's injury looked worse than it was. Remarkably similar to Orrin Hergott's in that he hit his head when he fell to the ice. Derek was out COLD and now remembers nothing of the incident. The team is heading to the hospital and HOPES to bring Derek home with his teammates. He's having a CT scan and Jerome is hopeful that if it doesn't show any further injury, they'll release Derek. 

      More Snakes news...Jonathan Redlick was waived today and the Snakes picked up forward Matt Gingera, who was waived from Tulsa (CHL). Daniel Amesbury is serving a suspension levied by the SPHL, presumably for his actions during the line brawl on Friday night. Daniel ran the goalie, then was jumped by goalie Connor Toomey and two other Ice Bears. I didn't see what happened as I was watching the goalie ya'all were too. Don't know the length of the suspension.

       Andrew Loewen will be suspended, probably for one game, for leaving the crease to fight Toomey.

       Don't look for Orrin to be back any time soon. I talked to him on Friday night, 9 days after he was injured. Orrin has yet to even get on the bike, much less skate, much less have any contact. Orrin said he feels a little better each day, but...

       I'm no doctor, but this was no ordinary concussion. Orrin is always smiling and talkative. I've talked to him in some really tough situations and he's always gregarious, Last night, he has this kind of dull look in his eyes...NINE days after the fact. Orrin Hergott...30-day IR...almost a certainty. :(

       Again, guessing here...based on previous incidents, Derek will be out indefinitely too. Regardless of whether or not he has an official concussion, he lost consciousness, and was cut pretty badly. I expect Derek to miss a couple of weeks. Hmmm...

        So the Snakes offense is struggling mightily...before their veteran co-captain and another steady, experienced player go down. Can go one of two ways: inspire them or cripple the offense even further....

       A new concern is the PK. The PP has yet to get on track, but the PK had been great until recently. Now the Snakes have given up 5 PPGs in the past 2 nights, including 3 in a row tonight...ugh.

       At 3-7-1, the Snakes are next-to-last in the SPHL standings, above only arch-rival Augusta. If the RiverHawks weren't off to such a horrid start, the Cottonmouths could very well be in the basement.

       First move came today...could be more to come. I know it's still early, but the guys need to start this turnaround NOW.

       When I had Jerome on the phone, I asked him about Amesbury's suspension. Remember, Daniel got the two-minute minor for running the goalie and the 5 for fighting plus 10 for continuing the altercation. No gamer and certainly no major. The suspension was listed as indefinite which means the league will look at it on Monday. Certainly it should be for time served...1 game.

       The good news: the Brett Hammond-Alex MacLeod-Sam Bowles is starting to click. Brett had 2 goals tonight after 1 got the scoring started on Friday night. Alex had his first pro goal on Friday and added a goal and an assist against the RiverKings tonight.

       For the final bit of bad news...the Snakes have a weekend homestand against the Fayetteville FireAntz...the hottest team in the SPHL. 

        Stay tuned.