Columbus Cottonmouths

Amesbury Update

     Still some details to work out, but Daniel Amesbury is headed to Tulsa. As far as the length of his stay? That's up in the air...

      If Daniel performs as his new team needs him to, his stay could be lengthy. There's no way to know how long he'll be gone until he gets a few games under his belt and his new coach sees him play (and fight) in person.

       Derek Pallardy suffered a setback when implementing his post-concussion protocol. Derek rode the bike beginning last Thursday and did so successfully, but his symptoms returned, so it's back to square one. Derek has yet to get on the ice, so his return this weekend is definitely doubtful.

        Good news for the shorthanded Snakes is that defenseman Tommy Fitzpatrick will join the team in Augusta tomorrow night.

        Stay tuned.