Columbus Cottonmouths

Going for Four

     The Snakes return home after a triumphant win over Knoxville and one more game before their Christmas break. It was a significant victory for several reasons.

      First, it's a season-high third win in a row and the first W of the year against the Ice Bears. Every victory in that building has special significance because, historically, the Snakes have struggled there. The smaller ice surface brings special challenges.

      This is the 3rd win in a row and 5th in 6 games for the Cottonmouths. They've scored 5 goals in 4 of those games. Granted, there were a couple of ENG thrown in, but for a team that's struggled to score, looking at that string of 5s can only be a positive thing.

      After losing 3 in a row, which is a season high, they started this streak against the unlikeliest of teams, first-place Fayetteville. I can still see John Sullivan's steely eyes as he said that they weren't intimidated by Fayetteville and they were going to turn things around, no matter what anybody said. Yikes.

      John has certainly delivered on a personal level. He has absolutely been on fire. Hard work and being opportunistic has definitely paid off. During this 5-1 streak, John has 3 GWG, Brett Hammond has 1 and Matt Gingera 1. In the last 6 games, John has scored 11 points. Wow.

      Orrin Hergott didn't make the trip, but the newest Snake, Biff McNally did. Glad to see that. I was afraid Biff's responsibilities in his "real" job would keep him from traveling with the team. Just as they did with Ken Porter, Biff's superiors must approve and support this venture. Kudos to them for doing so.

       Orrin looked good the last time I saw him, but hasn't completely recovered from his concussion. Orrin hasn't been placed on the 30-day IR and I assume Jerome doesn't want to do that. Derek Pallardy is out until the new year, suffering a concussion of his own on Dec. 1. Orrin's was earlier than that (Nov. 21), but Orrin returned to the ice briefly. So if he was placed on the 30-day, it would be retroactive to Dec. 13, when Orrin last played in Augusta.

      These next 4 days off will be so great for the guys all the way around. A few bumps and bruises will have time to heal and it will be wonderful for them to spend the holidays with their families. Most of them are headed home tomorrow. Can't wait to see the Nixon Hergott and Paxton Vigier snow pictures!!haha

      The Mississippi Surge come to town tonight. Can't wait!

      Stay tuned.