Columbus Cottonmouths

Comings and Going

     Sorry this is so late, Snakes fans. Jerome and I played phone tag for a good bit of the day...haha.

     The Snakes locker room installed a revolving door this morning. Take a deep breath and stay with me:

     Bret Tyler won't suit up tonight. Bret was injured on the road against Fayetteville. Jerome said he wasn't himself last night, not nearly 100%. Bret could use a couple of days off. Fortunately, nothing's broken. YAY. Of course when you lose the SPHL's player of the month, you lose something. Bret is having a great season. Hopefully a couple days rest and he'll be good as new!

      Are the Snakes going to (again) play with 5 d-men, you wonder? No...because Derek Pallardy will be on the ice tonight, but not at forward. Derek will be working his way back into playing shape, but on the blue line instead of up front. He's been activated, but hasn't practiced much. The plan is to ease him into the lineup.

       Orrin Hergott was placed on the 30-day IR today, a move I hate had to happen, but one that doesn't come as a complete shock. Orrin was injured on Nov. 21 and tried to come back in early Dec. before suffering a relapse. His last game played was Dec. 13, so his stint on the IR will be retroactive to the 13th.

       You'll see a new face in a Snakes sweater tonight. Welcome to Mark Thorburn, who was signed to a three-game contract. Mark was here last night, underwent a physical and will see action tonight. The 6-2, 210 pounder played 4 years at the University of Windsor. He was in camp at Ft. Worth (CHL) but couldn't earn a spot.

       Mark's last name might sound familiar. His brother Chris played 4 seasons with the Thrashers and is now with Winnipeg. 

       Biff McNally is still on board, though the end of the holiday season may mark the end of Biff's tenure with the team. He'll play this weekend, but Jerome thinks that the end of his holiday leave may put Biff back on duty full-time with Uncle Sam. He has to get permission from his superiors to play with the Snakes, whether full-time or part-time. The main sticking points are practice and travel, which Biff has been able to manage well up to this point.

     However long Biff is a Snake, he was a welcome addition to the team and handled this role very well. We'll hopefully get to see Biff in action on Legends Weekend at the end of January, along with fellow soldier Snake, Ken Porter.

        Lot of news for one day, isn't it?

        Stay tuned.