Columbus Cottonmouths

Hammond Waived

     To make room for the addition of Daniel Amesbury, Jerome has waived Brett Hammond. I understand it on one level, but I absolutely hate it. Brett is one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet. He's open, honest and cheerfully available to me any time. He is a real leader on this team. 

     Hate it, hate it, hate it.

     Hopefully, Brett will still be around. He will definitely be missed in the locker room. Wish Brett the best of luck always!!

     A couple of other things I forgot in yesterday's blog. Actually, it was this morning's blog as I finished it around 1 am...yikes.

      Did ya'all notice how much better the sound system was last night??? SO much clearer. Kudos to Ross Horner and Civic Center management for making strides to improve the sound. It's not perfect but was a huge improvement. Wonder how my pal Dana Barker liked his new location. Will ask him and let ya'all know!

     Finally, how did ya'all like the St. Patrick's Day jerseys? Looked like the team's regular sweaters didn't they...UGH. Well, don't look for them tonight either because they won't be here. I asked why they couldn't overnight them and the jerseys be here by game time tonight. Jerome said they were actually making them yesterday and that scenario wouldn't happen.

     A mix-up in the dates they were needed caused the embarrassing snafu. The company says the Snakes asked for a March 12 delivery, which makes no sense at all. Since St. Patrick's Day falls in between two home hockey weekends, Jerome opted to have the guys wear them BEFORE March 17th and not after. DUH.

      My question to him was if this was a company he'd dealt with before. The answer was 'yes'. UH...but you won't deal with them again, right? Jerome said that depends on their response to this mess.

      Stay tuned.