So You Think You Can Dance winner: Lauren Froderman is the Season 7 SYTYCD 2010 winner

Lauren Froderman won the seventh season of "So You Think You Can Dance" Thursday night. Kent Boyd placed second on the finale. Robert Roldan placed third.

The outcome surprised the many "SYTYCD" fans who thought Kent's "aw, shucks" attitude and heartthrob appeal would win him the title.

Froderman's prize package includes $250,000, a spot in a Gatorade campaign and more.

Weigh in: Did the right dancer win?

Thursday's two-hour finale featured a variety of dances, including a performance by Ellen DeGeneres. She took Alex Wong's place in the hip-hop routine with all-star Twitch Boss.

Here's a full recap of the show:


Things kick off with a group routine to "Ra" by Nathan Lanier. The whole top 11 crew is on stage -- even Alex Wong, who briefly does the upper body movements while sitting in a chair. The all-stars participate in the routine, too. Christopher Scott choreographed the routine.

Um, hello Cat...the "surprise" performance isn't exactly a surprise any more.

Seven people sit on the judges' panel: Nigel, Mia, Shankman, Tyce Diorio, Kenny Ortega, Stacey Tookey and...MARY MURPHY!!!! Woo hoo! It's been waaay too long.

We get a pretty funny montage about Nigel's hair. Oh, Nigel. You are too much. We also get a cool montage of Mia making up words. Shankman's montage focuses on his odd expressions.

Time for best routines of the season. Kenny Ortega picks Kent's baseball routine, while Nigel picks Billy's "Mad World" dance.

Then, Quest Crew performs.

More favorite routines. Mia picks the "Fallin'" dance, perhaps to prove she really does like Adechike. Then, we get a montage of all the romances -- er, showmances -- this season on "SYTYCD."

Kent and Anya repeat their dance to "My First Kiss."

Tyce Diorio picks his favorite routine: the Tabitha/Napoleon clown dance featuring Robert. After that, we get some footage from National Dance Day.

Nigel hits the stage! But he's on crutches (as a joke) and tells us he has some stand-ins. Seven-year-old Luke wants to tap. Aww, he's really good.

It's time for a guest performance by the Manzari Brothers, some really good tap dancers.

What's Nigel's favorite routine of the season? Lauren Froderman's tango with Pasha. Shankman, meanwhile, picks Travis Wall's "Fix You" routine featuring Robert.

Season six champ Russell Ferguson is in the house! He performs with Lil C.

Mary Murphy's favorite routine! Hmm, I wonder if she really watched this season. One thing's for sure: her voice decibels haven't changed. Anyway, she picks the Jose/Dominic b-boy dance.

Here's the winner of the U.K. version of "SYTYCD." It's a woman named Charlie Bruce.

Cat calls all the finalists on stage. Results time? Yeah, right. Either way, Robert is dressed like a genie.

OK, we actually are getting some results. Robert Roldan got third place.

So Kent Boyd or Lauren Froderman will win "SYTYCD."

Another standout routine: Shankman pics the Tabitha/Napoleon "My Chick Bad" routine featuring Lauren and Twitch. Good choice.

Aww. We watch video footage of Alex Wong's "Hallelujah" dance with Allison Holker. Get well soon, Alex! Alex smiles in the audience.

Stacey Tookey picks her favorite routine: Billy and Robert's Bollywood dance.

Next favorite routine from Mia: Kent and Neil's backstabbing dance choreographed by Travis Wall.

Black Gold performs this season's sendoff song, "Shine."

Time for the not-so-surprise guest. Ellen DeGeneres performs the Alex Wong hip-hop routine with Twitch. They slowed it down a little bit for her, but she does an awesome job. Alex Wong gets on stage and thanks Ellen.

Finally...results time. Lauren Froderman wins "So You Think You Can Dance" season seven! I predicted Kent would win, but I'm happy things turned out this way. Girl power, right?

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