DNA Textile Group in Columbus closing down Denim North America; 125 layoffs expected

The DNA Textile Group, headquartered in Columbus, is closing down its Denim North America division.

A news release from the company gave “sagging demand” and “low selling prices” as reasons for exiting the denim business by the end of January.

The WARN list of the Georgia Department of Economic Development said about 125 layoffs are expected. The company said it will work closely with state and local agencies to assist those affected in finding new employment.

“We regret having to make the decision to cease denim operations and are profoundly grateful to our denim team members who have invested their incredible talents and loyalty to DNA over these past 15 years,” the company said.

“DNA Textile Group will be pivoting quickly and focusing on our five-year-old Technical Fabrics and Custom Finishing Divisions which have be steadily growing and have a bright future. Despite our smaller footprint going forward, we will continue to invest more resources, talent and energy toward growing these businsesses. We have professional teams and terrific manufacturing capabilities in place and we’re excited about significant growth potential.”

Larry Gierer: 706-571-8581, @lagierer