Big Brother 12 Episode 19: Kathy Hillis evicted, Britney Haynes is Big Brother Head of Household

"Big Brother 12" episode 19 aired Thursday on CBS. After Matt Hoffman used his diamond power of veto to remove himself from the chopping block, he put Kathy Hillis up for eviction.

The house guests unanimously chose to evict Kathy over Lane Elenburg.

Britney Haynes is the new Head of Household.

Once the cameras turned away from the Big Brother house, host Julie Chen told the audience that next Thursday will be a double eviction. One person will be evicted, a new HoH will be named, then another person will be evicted.

Weigh in: Do you think Britney will follow through on her promise to not put Brendon up for eviction?

Here's a full recap of Thursday's show:


When the episode kicks off, Matt and Lane are up for eviction. But remember, Matt has the diamond POV and will use it tonight. It allows him to remove himself from the chopping block and pick his replacement. The other contestants don't know he has this power.

He can't put Brendon (HoH) or Ragan (former nominee) up for eviction.

Ragan is totally emotional that Matt is on the chopping block, mainly because he worries about Matt's wife's (fake) illness. As Ragan shares his emotions, Matt nods and feigns anxiety. "I have to pretend to be all sad and mopey," Matt tells us.

Since he and fellow Brigade member Lane are on the line, Matt senses out other Brigade members to see where their allegiances fall.

They're obviously leaning toward Lane. Hayden tells Matt that Rachel left a pretzel message telling Brendon to nominate Matt.

Matt asks how Hayden found out, and he says Kathy told him. Matt considers putting Kathy up for eviction since she didn't tell him about the pretzels.

Matt pretends to be sad while chatting with fellow Brigade member Enzo about the upcoming eviction ceremony. "It's a day of mourning," Matt tells Enzo. He gets the sense Enzo would vote for Lane, which makes him consider putting Enzo up for eviction.

Wow, Ragan actually does something cool as Saboteur. He puts a note that says "I know your secret" under Enzo's pillow and signs it "S."

Enzo freaks out. Kathy said she made his bed and didn't see anything there. Enzo informs the rest of the house guests and they go all "I Know What You Did Last Summer" on us.

They crew believes Kathy is the Saboteur since she made the bed. Enzo thinks "S" stands for sheriff. You know, since Kathy is a deputy sheriff in real life.

It makes Matt happy because he'll look like a hero if he puts Kathy up as a replacement nominee. Ragan is thrilled that his name doesn't even come up in the Saboteur discussion. Now, he's also $20,000 richer.

Time for a live interview with Julie Chen. Ragan doesn't regret his fight with Rachel. "My integrity isn't for sale," he says. Lane misses his Muscle Milk.

Everybody believes the Saboteur is still in the house. Julie says the Saboteur is in the house, but the Saboteur's reign of terror is over.

Next, we see some footage of Britney's family talking about her relationship with Lane. Her mom thinks Lane has a crush on Britney. (Note: Guess that debunks the theory that Kathy is Britney's mom.)

We get some footage of Lane's family, too. They think he likes Britney. Um, Britney's engaged, right?

Time for the eviction ceremony. Lane and Matt have one more chance to plead their cases. Matt is up first. He continues his fake-out, hurls some insults at Brendon and then drops the bomb:

"Better luck next time, you big dummy," Matt says and tells everybody about the diamond POV.

Matt says he can't put up the person he most wants to evict: Brendon.

So he puts Kathy up for eviction.

Lane pleads his case and says he'll respect the house guests' decision. Kathy does the same. "I'm not going to lie, cheat or steal in this house," she says.

Hayden votes for Kathy. Enzo votes for Kathy. Ragan votes for Kathy.

Matt votes for Kathy. Britney votes for Kathy.

By a 5-0 vote, Kathy is evicted from the Big Brother house. She exchanges hugs with the house guests.

Kathy tells Julie Chen she feels like she didn't have a chance to fight. "I hadn't had time to say goodbye to anybody and that hurts," Kathy says. She calls herself the biggest klutz in the world.

Once that's over, we get some footage of a game of "Big Brother Says." It involves howling at the moon, a two-minute group hug and more.

Time for the HoH competition. Julie asks questions based on the "Big Brother Says" competition that happened earlier this week.

Ragan and Hayden are eliminated first. Matt is eliminated next.

Then, Lane is out. So we're down to Enzo and Britney. (Note: Enzo is taking an annoyingly long time giving his answers.)

Britney wins.

Julie Chen chats with the house guests. Once the cameras turn away from the house, she tells us that next Thursday will be a double eviction. One person will be evicted, a new HoH will be named, then another person will be evicted.

Who's excited? I am!

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