Here’s where to get free gun locks in Columbus

High steppin’ strutters who land in the gutters sometimes need Monday Mail.

Today’s opening is from the song “Rainy Day People” by Gordon Lightfoot, who sings “high steppin’ strutters who land in the gutters sometimes need one, too,” meaning a rainy day person to comfort you when you’re feeling down, or just “under the weather.”

In the email comes a notice from the U.S. attorney’s office in Macon, which says area law enforcement agencies have gun locks available for anyone who needs to secure a firearm.

The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office already offers them at its headquarters on the fourth floor of the Columbus Government Center, open 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The U.S. attorney’s notice follows an unattended 5-year-old’s shooting a 2-year-old sibling in Jones County, where the sheriff’s office here is listed among the other agencies offering the gun locks:

  • The Jones County Sheriff s Office at 123 Holmes Hawkins Drive in Gray.
  • The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office South Substation at 5797 Houston Road in Macon.
  • The Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office at 225 Pine Ave. in Albany.

The gun safety kits come from Project ChildSafe,

High stepper

Getting back to high steppin’ strutters, like huge hairy hominids that are hard to believe in, here’s an email about a June 9 column on Bigfoot sightings:


I loved your article. All topics such as this fascinate me. I take your main point being, if it lives and breathes like we do, then it must die like we do. Having spent years reading and listening to accounts of people seeing this “creature,” or even being attacked, I can say I believe many people DO come across them in the wild. I have heard and read accounts of people hitting these things with their cars, ambulances being attacked, and even having shot and killed them.

In our communities we have people who are held to a higher standard of accountability. I am a former deputy sheriff, and have heard accounts of former police officers, doctors, military veterans, all having very detailed encounters with bigfoot. With 100% certainty of what they saw.

I agree it seems to be an impossibility, or even insane given the topic, but I strongly believe the government does know about these creatures. Too many times I have heard of government officials coming by shortly after encounters and intimidating witnesses to silence. I do not know what the motive is, but there is a cover-up deeper than we know. I think there are more to these creatures than what we would call normal.

I appreciate skepticism. Trust me. But I have heard way too many accounts of trusted people in our communities running into these things. Maybe I am too excited about the thought of something out there yet to be discovered, but I am confident not all these people are making up stories just because they are bored or want attention. I encourage you to subscribe to the many podcasts out there of witnesses telling their first-hand encounters. Yes, there is a ridicule factor involved, people calling one silly for believing, at a certain point I got past it all.

Not sure why I felt enticed to write, but I hope this reaches you. Thank you for time.



Dear Matthew:

Thanks for writing.

I’m not saying Bigfoot witnesses are crazy or lying or gullible. All I’m saying is that if someone hit and killed a Bigfoot with a motor vehicle, or shot and killed a Bigfoot, then someone should have a Bigfoot carcass to show for it.

I do not endorse shooting or running over Bigfoot, I should add, lest Bigfoot turn out to be someone else.

Even under Georgia’s “stand your ground” law, “I thought he was Bigfoot” isn’t going to be self-defense.

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