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Alva James-Johnson: Presidential election is all drama

Alva James-Johnson

Now that we're back in the thick fog of another presidential election season, it's hard to imagine how I survived the past four years without such entertainment.

These days, I find myself rushing home to watch CNN, MSNBC and other cable channels for the latest developments on the campaign trail. And I'm never disappointed.

When it's not Donald Trump firing up the masses with bombastic rhetoric, it's Marco Rubio stuck in robotic mode.

If it's not Hillary Clinton dodging political bullets, then it's Bernie Sanders peddling the virtues of socialism. It would be downright hilarious if there wasn't so much at stake, such as the future of our country.

But with so many colorful characters in the mix, who can resist the drama?

Now that we're into the primaries, things are really heating up, and I'm just counting the days to South Carolina, Nevada, Super Tuesday and beyond. While I've never been much of a sports fanatic, this comes pretty close. On election night, I'll be as pumped as my husband watching the Super Bowl. Only in this scenario, it's an activity we can both enjoy, since he's just as obsessed with recent presidential elections as I am.

That, of course, doesn't sit well with our daughters

who accuse us of hogging the TV whenever a national election rolls around. Now that my oldest daughter is away at college, the younger one is left to fend for herself, and she doesn't stand a chance against her politically obsessed parents.

She still has nightmares from 2008 when my husband and I watched every incremental development in the race between Clinton and Barack Obama, followed by the race between Obama and John McCain. By the time Sarah Palin entered the picture, we were already on our way to becoming election junkies, getting our nightly fix not only from cable news programs, but also from Saturday Night Live and other satirical shows.

Four years later, when Mitt Romney ran against Obama, we were back at it again, sitting in front of the TV as our daughters rolled their eyes.

This time around, I can tell that the girls are a little bit more interested, but I'm sure they'll never admit it.

As for me, there's nothing more exciting than sitting on my couch watching the drama unfold.

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