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Chris Johnson

Sometimes you've just got to hit something

My wife couldn't figure out what to get me for my birthday last week. I suggested nothing since I've got enough stuff in my life and prefer experiences over things. But, no, that wouldn't fly, so she dragged me to one of those sporting goods box stores.

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes

The clay pig is gone and, well, now so am I

Behind every click is a human being with a heart and mind – people just happen to read stories on different platforms than they did in 1953. I believe in the Ledger-Enquirer and most of all the reporters, videographers, editors and staff who fight everyday to get the stories that matter to people in the Chattahoochee Valley

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When student becomes the teacher

In any given teaching career, there are notable times when the classroom teacher takes a back seat to the students, when degrees fall silent to the voices of the children. Most teachers can tell stories of times when the instruction didn’t come from them. It came from the kids. These precious moments are why teachers choose this career – to experience times when compassion enters the classroom and overtakes agendas and curriculum.

Chris Johnson

Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses

This might shock those of you who know me, but I'm not the kind of guy who spends a lot of money on sunglasses — or clothes or restaurants or vehicles or golf courses or technology or tequila or the prescriptions the doctor thinks might keep me alive.

News Columns & Blogs

Lessons from the road

Especially during the last few weeks of a long, tough school year, I started repeating this mantra in my head: be a part of the solution, not the problem. When life or job or family or circumstances in general begin to heighten my anxiety, I need something to help control my actions and reactions or else I’ll impulsively respond, and sometimes that isn’t so pretty. So, I admit it; I talk to myself. Here recently, that little phrase has saved me from much embarrassment.

Caught on Camera: Multiple brawls break out inside Columbus Dollar Tree store

Columbus police said three women and a 14-year-old girl were charged after being involved in a fight Thursday night at the Dollar Tree on Buena Vista Road.