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Transit now a statewide focus in Georgia

While most of Georgia’s political attention was given to elections over the past few months, some have remained working diligently if not somewhat quietly on policy matters. A lot has occurred to advance Georgia’s transit options, both for metro Atlanta and the rest of the state.


Should you vote for Marsy’s Law on the Georgia ballot?

Georgians, Nevadans, Oklahomans and Kentuckians will vote this November on a bill called Marsy’s Law that would give victims of crime more rights. Constitutional Amendment 4 reads “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide certain rights against whom as crime has allegedly been perpetrated and allow victims to assert such rights?”

Jail inmate refuses to testify against murder suspect

Robert Furr, 20, took the stand, took his oath, then sat silent as prosecutors asked if he would testify in the murder trial of Clayton Perry, Jr. Judge Gil McBride declared Furr as "unavailable for purposes of testifying" as Furr remained silent.