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Sound Off for Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016

Pick of the day

Would somebody please tell Hillary Clinton that she did not win that caucus. She got it by the toss of a coin. She needs to know that.

Time for a change

They need to change the planet Earth the planet Amock.

Not sure it would have helped

Dang. After watching Madoff this week, it's a shame Sheriff Darr wasn't there in court to help Madoff plead his case.

First Lady staff growing

White House staff: Jackie Kennedy had one personal assistant and Hillary Clinton had eight. Michelle Obama has 22. Is this inflation, El Nino or what?

Had enough yet?

The American economy is at a standstill and President Obama says we have to help Colombia rebuild. Had enough yet?

Leadership lacking

Columbus Council thinking of doing away with after-school programs to fund the elitist aquatic center speaks volumes about the leadership of the city of Columbus.

It's just a fact

I know most of you don't want to hear this, but we have got to take capitalism out of our health care system. It's just a fact.

Go figure

Chicago has the strictest gun control laws and the highest percentage of murders. Go figure.

You may be part of the problem

If you receive welfare, government housing or food stamps and are not elderly or disabled, you are what is dragging America down. Get off your backside and go to work.

Can we afford a therapy dog?

If the sheriff's office is so under budget, why do they have a therapy dog in the Muscogee County Jail, where the taxpayers are paying for the health care of the dog? Please explain.

Another movement

I'm starting a new movement called "Redneck Lives Matter." You can contact me a bubba.com.

No acceptable reason

What? Darr, Countryman and Bishop in federal court to advocate for leniency in the sentencing on Shah on his conviction for the tax refund scheme? There no acceptable reason for this. God help us all.

Getting too lenient

Your recent column about the SEC reducing penalties for drug use shocked me. It appears that total drug addiction to get a player kicked off the team.