Sound Off

Sound Off! for Feb. 14


All I know is every railroad crossing I’ve been over where the concrete was replaced with asphalt is much rougher than before. I feel as if my car is about to fall apart.

Executive action

Obama correctly stated that Presidents can’t simply issue orders protecting illegals because “we have a constitution and rule of law. I’m not an emperor.” Then he did it anyway, creating this mess.

Reality star

Why are the Russians withholding Trump’s Moscow sex video? Perhaps they are afraid it would make the Donald even more popular!

Turning the mirror

What do “crushing student loan debt” and “opioid overdoses” have in common? The “innocent unsuspecting victims” ignored years of public warnings and insisted on borrowing too much, or swallowing, injecting or sniffing too much.

The Black Lagoon

President Trump vowed to “drain the swamp.” Looks like the swamp is in the West Wing and will drain itself.

The friendly skies

Thank you to the Atlanta airport for your kind words: “We’re going to treat those who may be experiencing homelessness with humanity and compassion.” Be a world that shows love for others.