The Amazing Race 2010: Who will be eliminated in Season 17 Episode 3?

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 3 aired at 9 p.m. Oct. 10, 2010. Read a full recap of the show below:

In the third leg of the Amazing Race, singers Connor and Jonathan are first place. Father and son team Michael and Kevin are last place, though it is a non-elimination leg of the race.

Brook and Claire, who got first place in the second leg, are first to get the clue that will lead them to the next spot: the Jamestown Akotoku Boxing Academy. Second and third place soon get their clues as well, though Claire and Brook make it first and find the leg's Road Block:

A team member must properly learn to wrap their hand with what appears to be some type of gauze, work on a punching bag and with a trainer before they get their next clue.

Chad and Stephanie arrive in second place. Katie and Rachel are third. In the meantime, the first place team is on to the jump rope, which they quickly finish.

Now, they travel to a supply depot in search of their next clue.

Nat and Kat are in seventh place and are just getting in their taxi. Nick and Vicki are in eighth place. Gary and Mallory are in last place.

Conner and Jonathan quickly finished their boxing task and are in fourth place. Nat and Kat, meanwhile, need to go back and are with a taxi driver who refuses to turn around.

Michael and Kevin are now in fifth place after finishing the boxing task. Gary and Mallory are now in sixth place. Nick and Vicki are seventh place. Nat and Kat finally make it to the boxing academy and begin their task.

Conner and Jonathan manage to pass Brook and Claire while on the road. The singers get to the depot first, and learn their next task:

The must load certain supplies in a wheelbarrow, take it to a specific person and if they've brought everything needed, then they get their next clue.

Conner and Jonathan get it right on the first try and learn their next task:

Teams will enter a village classroom and be tested on African geography. They must place country names on a map of Africa in order to get their next clue.

After a few tries, they correctly label Ghana and go to the next task: Bicycle Parts or Language Arts. In Bicycle Parts, teams must use a stick to roll a bicycle rim down a soccer field and back without it falling. In Language Arts, they must find a proverb that's written in symbols on a massive wall covered in various symbols.

Connor and Jonathan choose Language Arts. They finish their task first, get the clue and learn they must go to the home of Awusa Ntso - the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

Moments later, Connor and Jonathan arrive in first place. They win $5,000 each that they can spend after the race.

Many of the other teams are neck and neck, pushing wheelbarrows while Nat and Kat are still having problems getting to the next stage.

Nick is upset that Vicki made a mistake about how many blocks of cement they should have brought, and Nick is berating Vicki as they push their wheelbarrows back.

Michael and Kevin successfully turn in their wheelbarrows and are in fourth place. Chad and Stephanie are sixth place. Katie and Rachel are seventh place.

Nat and Kat finally make it to the wheelbarrows.

Brook and Claire decide to take Language Arts and for some reason think they need to use a stick to draw a circle around children who are playing nearby. The other teams start doing the same until Brook and Claire spot the large canvas of symbols on a nearby wall.

Gary and Mallory complete Bicycle Parts and are in second place. Nat and Kat have just successfully delivered the items with wheelbarrows. They pick out Ghana on a map quickly and head to Language Arts.

Gary and Mallory reach the Pit Stop and are second place.

Chad and Stephanie complete Bicycle Parts and learn where to go for the Pit Stop. They reach the end of the leg and are third place.

Katie and Rachel are fourth place at the Pit Stop. Nick and Vicki are fifth place. Brook and Claire are sixth place.

Michael and Kevin drop to last place because Michael, the father, starts having medical problems.

Jill and Thomas reach the Pit Stop in seventh place. Nat and Kat are still searching for the Pit Stop.

Michael finally finishes pushing the bicycle rim and they begin searching for the Pit Stop, though Nat and Kat reach it before them and are eighth place.

Michael and Kevin are last place, though it's a non-elimination leg and they are still in the Amazing Race.

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