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Chris Johnson

And a child shall lead them — I hope

Are you worried about the growing national debt? Concerned about record high temperatures in the Arctic and melting sea ice? Are you a corporation tired of pandering politicians twisting your arm to make you provide special favors to their favored interests?

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Helping college students actually prosper

America’s rise as a world power occurred after World War II for several reasons: a strong military, a booming economy, and a country that thrived on innovation and cutting-edge technology. Much of that came from a smart plan to combine all three, a GI-bill that would enable soldiers to go to college after World War II.

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Water moving endlessly

Maybe it’s because I was born in a bend of an ancient river, a stream that starts as the Yadkin in the mountains and then, as it drops to the North Carolina Piedmont, takes the name of one of the Indian tribes, the Pee Dee, that once populated the area. Maybe it’s because, at the age of 4, I self-baptized by falling into the Pee Dee. Fortunately an adult cousin scooped me out before permanent damage could be done. Or maybe it’s because I still remember so clearly the day when I, a 5-year-old, watched in fascination as my 10-year-old brother, using his pocket knife, two forked sticks, and some sections of dry cornstalk, fashioned a flutter mill in the shallow edge of Cedar Creek. We watched as the clear water sparkled and hustled over the small rocks and turned the wheel, endlessly.

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It's 'Back to the Future' for eastern Europe in the New Cold War

Dr. Stephen Walt, who is one of the best political scientists today, wrote the article “Back to the Future, World Politics Edition,” in the magazine Foreign Policy. In it, he writes that when he was going for his Ph.D. one of his qualifying exams involved the question “How much of 21st century world politics is new and different, and how much of it is the same old story?”

A daily trivia question will plot the course for Scott’s Ride

Scott Ressmeyer and the Miracle Riders won't know their route across the country each day during Scott's Ride 2018 until they answer a trivia question each morning. That answer will be the destination city for that day